Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


stupid server's pissing me off. keep getting random forbidden errors and I don't understand why. Can't seem to figure out why either. Need to take a good chunk of time to study the apache manual and figure out preciesly how the httpd.conf file is supposed to be written. Meanwhile, it works at the moment. But it was working when I left it earlier today, dunno when and/or why it stopped working.
grrr.. will restrain myself from kicking the system, will restrain myself from kicking the system, will restrain myself from kicking the system.....

right. Really shouldn't have sent out those welcome e-mail. Oh, and the addresses below all link to my server, but only the one will correctly manage the redirects. I think there's a way around that with $DOMAIN_RE but I don't understand RegExp yet. (short for Regular Expression, I believe. Looks like grep. Probably is grep. Therefore, probably as damn complicated. If someone wants to learn it and then help me, it would be appreciated. Need to get all the IB****.*******.*** addresses to be recognized for the name redirects)
Domain Names (courtesy of, need to pay the onetime fee of $12.95 to get or some other nice geeky name.):

What's the point of having so many? There isn't any.

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