Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


To do tomorrow while in rockville:
Refuel the car.
Buy stamps for dad (need 12 of the expensive sort for taiwan/japan mailing, and some of the normal, holiday festive 37¢ ones.)
Buy more yo-yo string.
Deposit checks. (yay, money! 100+15+72 +20(with a catch..*))

To do, at home:
Do the dishes that I said I was going to do.
Pay the water bill for the apartment.
Cancel discover card account guard.-NO, I don't want it. Don't offer me cheaper versions, even if they're just 30¢ less.
Add Chase account protection cancellation to a week from today.
Begin conversion of codefusion code over to php or some sexier stuff.
Start burning off DVDs of anime to free up space. One or two per day should give me enough space to last another semester. Maybe.
Get dad to write me a check for the rebates that came home and were deposited into parent's account.

To do, at night:
Meet up with 'melly and others at the rockville silver diner place? I think? Assuming I can find the place ^^;; I've not been there. Ever. Which may be surprising to some, but.. yeah. - ahahaha, got lost. see more recent post.

*Chase is offering me 20 dollars to enroll in their protection plan thing.

To do, some point in the near future:
Meet up with Lady to do something. I dunno. I can offer DVDs of assorted music and stuff (Aperture~ although I don't know if it works: have not tried installing it). Hm, and I have stuff for you that you haven't been using. Although I don't know if you still need it..
Get hugs from people. Somehow managed to meet up with Lily and Ting without giving a hug to either of them. Ought to remedy this, maybe come friday.
Wrap gifts for Mr. Guiles.
Pick up books on knitting, and start on a scarf. Maybe.
Figure out why accessing xanga from home causes issues. This is absurd and doesn't make much sense. There's something with our router mayhaps, but... even when I'm using VPN to tunnel through... - xanga replied. Our IP has been blocked since July. o.O WTFmuch? Apparently from some suspicious activity... Requesting relevant logs to see if I can look up what's going wrong. [EDIT, 12/22/05 | Xanga contacted, was told that it might have been my script (hm, shouldn't have been), but livejournal -> xanga updates will now occur every 12 hours. And no more. I need to make the script sexier more efficient. ]

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