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Happy Birthday 'melly!

Yay, so I've finally been to the Silver Diner now. And apparently, yes, it's different from the Broadway Diner ^^;;;

And we all went and watched The Family Stone... it was ok. Greatly funny, at points, also occasionally quite slow and dry. There was a lack of background music, although I don't know if that was to it's advantage.

And while looking up that movie, I came across:
Random Google string: "stone"
1 stone = 6.35029318 kilograms

And the fact that the nearest Cold Stone creamery is 48 miles from UIUC at Normal, IL. I sob.

On the slightly brighter side, the nearest one here is only 7 miles away from me, in VA, Tyson's corner.

...Twas good to see people again. =^_^=
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