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Geek Code

Version: 3.12
GIT/CS/E>AT$ d-/pu s-:- a-- C++++ UB*/L++++ P++++>+++++ L+>++ E---() W+++ N++ o? K w+(---) O? M++ V? PS++ PE Y++ PGP->+++ t 5? X R@ tv- b++@ DI--(+) D G e>++++ h+/++/! r++ !z+**

Geek Code Page

'cause it's been a while, and several of my variables values have changed.

Expanded, here's what it says:
I'm a geek of the Information Technology/Computer Science/Engineering flavor, hoping to become a geek of All Trades, working for money.

My Dress code is jeans and a t-shirt, and I usually wear the same clothes all the time, no matter the occasion, forgetting to do laundry between wearings.

Shape-wise, I look up to most people. Everyone tells me to gain a few pounds.

I'm in the 20-24 range.

And seriously, who wouldn't want a cybernetic interface installed in your brain? Sure, you might fry something badly, but imagine what you could do...

I use unix, of the BSD flavor (MacOS X is FreeBSD/Darwin, for those who don't know), as well as Linux, on occasions. And I'm the sysadmin. While I wouldn't bother with starting a landfill on your front lawn for cracking my machines, I will find a baseball bat and come after you. ;D

Perl is awesome~ la la~ "I don't write Perl, I speak it. Perl has superseded all other programming languages. I firmly believe that all programs can be reduced to a Perl one-liner. I use Perl to achieve U+++ status."

Linux... Well, I don't use linux that much, honestly, but I've installed it before, and played around inside. It seems like it's just another OS~

Emacs... I learned vi first, so that's what I've always stuck with. I tried learning emacs, but it wasn't too successful. We'll see. That's why, for now, I'll go with a cross of "Emacs sucks! vi forever!!!" and "Emacs is great!..."

World Wide Web. I experience internet withdrawal. I am a webmaster.

Usenet. Used it before, used it for CS class, used it for downloading files. Not caught on.

Not familiar with Oracle. Assuming this is the not the database.

Kibo... I just looked up, and have some idea... maybe.

Windows... Used XP and 98, have installed pirated copies. Have resolved issues with hard drives, networking, etc. I don't like using it though.

Not familiar with OS/2

MacOS X user. Knew and used MacOS 7-9.

What's VMS...?

Politics: Yay liberal causes! Yay gay rights!

Politics/Econ: I don't trust either government or businesses

Cyberpunks: aka, internet security, I follow mailing lists, and I'm a member of the EFF. I think.

PGP (or the open version GPG), I don't use, only 'cause it's a hassle and none of my friends use it. Bad habit, which I intent to change. Eventually. XP Although, honestly, I don't have anything to hide.

Star Trek: it's just another TV show.

Babylon 5...?

X files: Just another fox show.

Role playing: This is actually interesting. I enjoy role playing, but not in the sense of D&D (Dungeons & Dragons). So it's not really a gaming thing...

TV... I don't watch it much. and when I do, it's just news.

Books... I used to read a lot. More reading gets done on the computer now and days though...

Dilbert: I don't read it, but I understand it when I do.

Doom. Err, this be very old, yo?

Geek code: Done.

Education: Finished high school, working on a bachelors, aiming for a Ph.D, 'cause Parents Said So. XP

Housing: Apartment / Home, living with a roommate in my apartment, going out once a week for food, and laundry. And school, daily, but we'll ignore that.

Relationships: Heh. Some may say I'm in denial of reality, but honestly, I don't really want to mess with this right now. School's stressful enough. I miss her thou... (note: not the actual translation for this thing, but, ya know... just go read the page yourself, if you're so interested :P)

Sex: "No experience, willing to learn!"

You know, I'm a bit surprised that gender preference wasn't in here...
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