Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Nair doesn't work like I hoped/thought it would. :P I was hoping it'd loosen the roots of the hair, so it comes out that way, but instead I discovered that it just melts the hair, more or less, so it separates easily.

Should have done more research -.-;;; But now I know. And it wasn't all that expensive.

And no, my legs aren't bare yet... I figured it be safest to test it on my bellybutton, and a tiny bit below that... Had to wait 'bout 8 so minutes, past the 5 they suggested. :: shrugs::

Next in line to try:
Braun Epilator [ random version at amazon ]

Suggested on a, oddly enough, nudist forum on shaving. Seems most people wax, or shave, but this was noted as a pretty good option, and has pretty high reviews. As in, 4.5 stars over 100+ reviewers on Amazon. It's on the expensive side though, but if it means not having to shave and such daily, I think it may be worth it. We'll see.
Tags: hair, nair

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