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So here's how this works:
It's a search engine powered by Google.
Blingo picks certain times of the day. If you search at the right time, you win a prize, stuff ranging from movie tickets/$10 iTunes certificate, iPod shuffles/$100 visa card, to PSP/$250 visa cards. Also, if you're referred by a friend, they also get the prize.

Each physical address can get two prizes per month.
You only have 10 valid searches per day. (chances are, you won't use all 10. Who searches 10 times a day, anyways? I know, at most, I'll search 4-5 times throughout the day.)

How they earn money:
Ads on the side. Usual stuff.

Use the link above, or the one below, and join. And search. :D Let's get free stuff!

Join Blingo under me! Mwahahaha...

Although, honestly, I'm not fond of their layout. It takes up more space than I like. Kinda... cramped, somehow. And there's less.. spiffyness to play with than A9, which I use for the sake of π/2% off Amazon purchases. hehe. Although, I think I've saved 'bout $10-20 over the past... several months since I started using it.

[edit] Eeeee~ cat herding!
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