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Whee~ saw Lisa (Mini-Lily~) today.

As well as a small portion of the anime club, Mrs. Newrioski (sp?), Mrs. Wong, Mr. Frezzo... Most people seem to still be doing well. Mrs. Wong still says she's retiring "next year" ^^;; after AP Chinese comes out... She's teaching part time only, now... with a replacement chinese teacher.

Saw Matt Adler (er, two d's?) as well... talking to the Gay-Straight Alliance. Somewhat random. ^^;; Was invited to stay and talk, but... I had other teachers to say hi to.

Saw Sharon's younger brother... jeezes, he's tall ^^;;;

Then met up with Lisa at Ten Ren.. nice place. Got bubble tea, although I think it was a bit more watered down than I'd like. Or I should have chosen the no-milk option. Or no ice. Good pearl-things though - they had flavor to them, not just.. plain pearls. And we talked. =^^= School, life, stalkers, etc.


Now to do the leaves on the lawn. Then hurried conversion of ColdFusion to PHP. I'm still not done: and not really working that hard either... it's not... that interesting. Learning the language is, but... I haven't had a chance to test most of the pages I've written, so I don't know if they work properly or not ^^;;; not like we use some of them.

...bah, I don't really want to test them at all.


Mmm, so I've seen most people at Lily's party (Tara, Anika, Ouqi, 'melly... etc.), saw Lisa today... Will see Lady thursday night... Anyone else in MD that I need to see?
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