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Updated the anime club website. it now has a black/grey color scheme, matching the new banner submitted by someone or other. Then mass-e-mailed the story thingie out to people. and then posted it onto the ezboard.

Talking about which, anyone want to bid for the anime club tape? yes, you'll have to be someone who goes to RM to bid... I can't mail the stupid thing to you. If you want to bid, go to the ezboard (use link above) and go to Announcements. Then add your bid.

Oh yeah, and the silly RMBC people screwed up the anime commercial. They showed the old one. Apparently Lily recorded the new commercial onto right after the old one (baka lily.... why did she do that??) and she had pre-queued it so that it was at the right place.. but the RMBC people rewound the tape and showed the earlier commercial (baka them. but they probably get unrewound tapes, I guess. I should have been more specific and made sure there was a note on the tape telling them it was pre-queued and/or gave the counter/time/thingie where the correct commercial started.)

Showing Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust tomorrow, on DVD. Come watch, rm 20. (chinese room) Assuming the chinese teacher is there, of course.. she was sick today........

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