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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Hmm, homeless person's ideas...
At least I'm assuming he's homeless. He was wandering 'bout with an american flag, the Blood of the Fold book, and a cardboard sheet with stuff on it. He wasn't that shaggy, but... he was close to it.

And he just spent 30 minutes rambling odd ideas. That probably wouldn't work.

Oh, and he's convinced that he's God. o.O

-Use drugs to cure cancer. Err, fight fire with fire idea. And that, drugs that make you think you're uber powerful should be used to latch onto T-cells and other immune system thingies to make them think their powerful.

-Hovercars. Using magnets. Told him it was already done, although he had some idea of dual strips of magnets on the bottom of cars, and varying field intensity to turn and such. Told him that it wouldn't work ^^;; 'cause no one wants to pave our roads with magnets. Yet.

-Space flight. Using magnets. Or gravity. Essentially, controlling gravity (tracker beam aimed at a planet to pull you towards it. Won't work 'cause we don't have gravity field control yet, and you'd move the planet. Unless you somehow mirror quantum effects of gravity on a far away location onto a local area.)

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