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Life, the whole.. past week and a bit.

Well, there's two ways for me to do this: I could recount by date, or by topic... I think I'll chose the latter, since that's the way my brain seems to recall data better. It'll mean I'll leave stuff out, but, hey, no one cares, ne?

Starting with the most important topic, School:
School started again. My classes start around 8:30 or 9, depending on which day, so I get up at 8 each day. It's kinda nice, in a way, and also forces me to work faster at night, 'cause my deadline is midnight; I need 8 hours of sleep, if not more.

I'm taking three ECE classes:
ECE329, Electromagnetics-stuff?
ECE391, Systems Development-ish... Linux Kernel and Linux Drivers...
ECE448, Intro to AI (crosslisted with/a.k.a. CS440)

MATH415, Linear Algebra

And PHYS213/214, Quantum/wave mechanics-stuff.

So far, I haven't missed any classes (yay me), although I've nodded off in one or two of them, (our ECE448 professor is covering stuff I learned in ECE290, and he has a heavy french accent. It's hard to pay attention...).

T.I.S. doesn't want me, although I'm welcome to go back at the end of the semester to work as extra help again. That's good. Made $300~ I believe. Money that I still haven't seen yet.

CITES (our campus computing services) OnSite division interviewed me and has accepted me. Starting pay of $8/hr, which is much better than T.I.S.' $6.5/hr (of which I still haven't seen any of, as of today. Check got lost in the mail. Grr.)

Still working at Krannert, sporadically. I miss Black Maskers.. So many more pretty lights and toys here though.

Apple and Google have gone down somewhat... Almost all of my stocks have some positive return value right now, although that's only because I sold the badly performing one around december.

ING direct is now offering 4.7% APY for any munnies deposited between now and April (positive deposit amounts accruing 4.7% until that april date). Foo~ I have no more money to give you, ING direct. All my money's in stocks, which if I liquidate, would cost me more than I'd earn in interest. XP

1K in my bank account, courtesy of parent unit savings towards education, that I got to withdraw after showing proof of purchases (food, housing, textbooks). That'll go back down each month, as rent rips out chunks of it. T.T

Possible internship at Apple. Interview around december apparently went well, and I got an e-mail with forms to fill out. Forms have been sent in, waiting for further contact. :: crosses fingers::

Life's life. I've talked on AIM less, I think. And I'm more reclusive now. Less happy-seeking-new-friends, although I've tried to keep up with the old.

My current music obsession tends to be centered around Steven Lynch, Linkin Park, and Jay Chou. This will change soon, as I'm getting weary of all three. Am thinking of liquidating my google stock, or some of the apple stock, and picking up an iPod, but hesitating. I've been fine without one, but it would be nice to be able to cycle through more than 1-2 GB of music while I'm out and meandering around without my external hard drive.

I need to decide if I dare write a letter to Lily L./Kou-san, to apologize for being stupid, making unnecessary drama, and breaking off communications with her (falls under the being stupid part, really). Maybe offer to pay for dinner somewhere, so I can apologize in person. I don't know how she'll respond, which is what worries me. And the whole not knowing how she'll respond? = not knowing how to approach the whole issue. Usually, being straightforward would work... although... I don't know. I would very much like to be friends with her, again. XP Not that I have that much time on my hands, but... yeah.

Oh, yea, I have a female stalker now. Or so she has labeled herself. And she reads this, so Hiya, Chau-chan. Although I haven't gotten random IMs from her for a while~ that, and I've been busy. And probably disappointed her, since she was the one who set me up with T.I.S., and all that. Gomen~!
(And, yes, I have a male stalker as well, who apparently lives in Canada, knows my address, and is gay. ^^;;; Balor and Porsupah might know/remember him, FireDragon? From back in the anime/hotline circle days. Never knew why he took an interest in me, but... yeah, he still bugs me once in a while. And I've bugged him back, on very rare occations.)

My physics professor recommended books, 'cause I asked for science fiction that had to do with what we would learn, or spark curiosity, and he sent me hunting for Quarantine, by Greg Egan. Finished it in a day: it wasn't the best book I've ever read, although it wasn't crappy either. The science was spiffy, and relatively well explained. And I have quite a bit to think about. The plot... wasn't all that great, although the science ideas were interesting (mmm, nanomachines in brains to rearrange/upgrade/run programs.)

Also reading QED by Feynman, my professor's other recommendation. So far so good. Never was able to read large chunks of his lectures... was usually.. somewhat boring for me, for some odd reason. But this has been decent so far.

I picked up Puyo Puyo fever a few days ago, as noted, and that's been my recent gaming/break time interest. Although it's addictive. ^^;; Goddamn combos... I've been hit by 5 giant red ones = instant death. Oh, wait, no, there's worse: I've seen Stars. That's the equivalent of... 6? red ones. and each red is 5-6? large grey ones ( = 1 row)

To do:
EC Server - need to continue testing.
Insight bill
J-Net general meeting
Credit cards need to be double-checked for upcoming due dates and issues
Need to get my paycheck at T.I.S.
Training for OnSite

Study physics and math. Do Physics homework (31st). There's a ECE448 homework that's coming up too (??). And ECE391 is going to be due soon (31st). And ECE329 has homework due everyday (M,W,F).

I'm behind on my math reading. Fucking textbooks still aren't here yet. I'm ordering from amazon next time, even if it's more expensive. Stupid people.
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