Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

So today...

Happy birthday to you, Lewis Carroll. And you too, Mozart.

But yes, not only was today their birthdays, but today, I went to my first day of our university's computing division / On Site technical support. And discovered that they're actually wizards. Armed with Manuals (see So You Want To Be A Wizard series for a semi-truthful version; the only differences are that one doesn't have to be that young for wizardry to become available, and apparently, it's a paid job, which is rather spiffy. No clue who provides the money, but.. hey, as long as it's valid, and there's nothing in the fine print, I should be fine, ne?) that more or less provide all the formulas, syntax, commands, descriptions, etc. of the universe, giving us the ability to manipulate things, usually at the cost of some of our own strength, be that lifetime, physical strength, or mental strength.

So, yes, I was issued my Manual today, I'm still reading through it, but.. pages tend to change around as you learn more, so I really have no clue how much I've learned so far... But apparently my job will be to manage the local time-space issues - apparently, with the large number of college students in the area, overall entropy and space-area wear and tear tends to be much higher. And my Ordeal to become a full Wizard will be confined to local system-wide travel - no romping around the universe like the younger wizards. I'm checking my Manual for Ordeal updates... quite depressing actually - I wanted to see the other galaxies and say hi to other aliens.

Mind you, the only reason I'm telling you guys this, is because you wouldn't believe it anyways, since today is... Oh, got my Ordeal assignment, time to hunt down that malfunctioning worldgate up at Chicago.
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