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Jeeze....'s almost disgusting how they're talking about this and that. There's one reason why I'm glad I'm not a girl - so much frigging drama and, "oh my gosh, like who does that." and matters of this friend and that friend, and how some people are so retarded and... -.-;;;

Alrighty, complaint made. Going back to homework.

Oh, and I'd like to add that it's really scary how relatively cute/decent they looking, until you hear them gossip, at which point, the reaction turns into an, "Holy shit, I pray I never piss them off..."

Especially when most of these cute looking females aren't trained in the art of ToK, and the whole questioning of information... XP Oh, she says it's so, so it must be so, and now let's spread the word even further. Frigging wildfire there, yo~

I quote: "She talks so much crap about everything!" Yeah, well so do YOU!
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