Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Mmmm... Neko has found Get Backers. Love the two main characters, very much amused. Would love to have either of their powers. Currently get-able from the BitTorrent [a-e] network for all of the episodes, from 1-34. Think there's 35 episodes out at the moment.

Ummm.. Neko is also considering doing several following entries in the VSD (Very Secret Diaries) format. Dunno. Will need to go back and read the diaries to make sure he can mimic the style. And then figure out what he'll write about. Probably something like this:

Day 1:
Today went well.
Did nothing, followed by some more nothing.
Harry Potter is an idiot. He needs to learn more anger management.
Went to WST. Did nothing there. Was amused by peoples.
I need boobs.

Right. So, tell me, you all, do we really need several days of entries like this, in such a boring and pointless manner? Hmm.. I dunno.

::yawns:: was going to do something amusing here, but decided to only do a half-hearted effort due to sleepyness (Lady, you still need to sleep more. Yes, I'm nagging, but you do. Will use the reason of, "it's not natural". You had a more or less regular sleep pattern when we first met right? ::frowns in thought:: you were much sharper and definitely had a better memory. Or so I feel anyways.)

Um. right, what was I going to write again..?

Oh yeah.

Now offering a free, safe, service: Reveal your secrets to Neko!
He guarantees that he will keep them safe, and not only that, he guarantees that he does not even know if your phone line is or is not tapped, and nor will he care. Finally, he guarantees that he will have forgotten whatever secret you may decide to tell him by the time you hang up the phone (provided that you talk more than 5 minutes after you reveal your secret).
The best way to relieve the stress of you deepest secrets!
Call now, and get a 100% discount off the new low price of $0 a minute!*
Again, call now! Any time, any day, Monday thru Friday, from 10 AM to 4 PM, we have one (1) trained Neko standing by, ready to recieve your call.
The phone number, ladies and gentlemen, is 301-299-2196.
That is, again, I repeat, 301-299-2196.

*your phone bills is still your responsibility.


Right. Now, that is for amusement only. My memory is pretty bad ^^;;; and I do forget things, but please don't call me and really tell me important secrets. I really can't guarantee that I absolutely will forget. Mind, that is a real phone number. And if you do call, ask for Ben, not Neko. Don't want to scare my parents ^.-

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