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Ouch~ google dropped massively overnight, in response to the delayed news from two days ago (not meeting expectations).

They went down from 430+ down to slightly below 400 ^^;; I'm glad I canceled my command to sell... although... this is assuming google will recover. It's kinda hard to think they'll die completely, but things have been going a bit slowly. I think they'll go up again, although it'll take several months, or a major release / positive bit of news.

Sadly, my AMD stock is now actually doing better, in terms of profit ($267 original investment there vs. the $300 spent on Google). o.O And I've only held AMD for a month.

Which means, massive props to AMD. :D

I should have sold google yesterday morning as I had thought about. And gotten myself an iPod. XP That would have made me 435~ (yes, I hold 1.0017 shares of google... dunno how that happened. Although now it'd actually be a good idea to pick up some more google stock, even though that's only based on me and my belief that Google will still go up.)

...Although, actually, several analysists have been suggesting that Google would fall soon. This has been going on for... several weeks now, I think. Although a decent (but quieter) group have been claiming that Google will hit $800. That would rock, but I think that's a bit of a high call....
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