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Yeah, ok, so I've been offline/whatnot much more than usual as of late; and I guess people might want to know why. Or not. At least I'll just rant to myself anyhow.

I guess...starting from friday~ I'm getting more involved with J-net (the Japanese Intercultural Network; like a club for those who are interested in Japan. Not anime. But Japan), in that I've become the to-be-webmaster, and also taking a decent role in the upcoming (4/23/06) Annual J-Net Fashion Show. Against my better judgement, I also decided to go skiing with J-net. That was.. ok. The slopes here (4 hour drive) was weak compared to the ones closer to home. The snow was mostly ice, and their black diamond slopes were the equivalent of our local difficult greens / blues. I spent most of my time on those...

So that was saturday, most of it.

Sunday was spent working on the ECE391 (Systems Programming: Linux Kernel development) MP1. I think I spent nearly 24 hours, in two separate chunks, on that MP. It was interesting. I wrote a game in assembly. (that was the MP). Think eh, single player pong? With gravity? Goal: keep balls in air as long as possible. That was due monday, so most of my sunday / monday was spent on that.

ECE448 (AI class) MP1 was due tuesday: The Knight's Path Problem. Where you need to visit the entire chessboard with a knight, stepping on each spot once and only once. They made us write it using three algorithms: depth first search, breadth first search, and a smarter search (heuristic?). I.. kinda mistimed the amount of time I'd need for it, and ran past the midnight turn-in deadline ^^;; probably a 10% penalty, if the prof. is strict about this.

Wednesday (today/yesterday, depending on how you look at it.) was my PHYS214 Midterm. Which I think I failed. Quite painfully too. It was HARD. And I know most other people who took the exam agreed with me on that. Hopefully the curve will save my ass.

So, yeah. Been stressed, hence the short, and occasionally very strange posts. Sorry if I worried anyone (...should have been cryptic enough that errr, I dunno.) If I worried you, hit me. Or send me a paddle and er, I'll hit myself for you or something. :: random::


Looking ahead:
Engineering EXPO today: lotsa companies. Lotsa freebees~ Probably no job offers for Neko.

Onsite shadowing. My two week "trainee" period's almost up though XP

J-Net fashion show: meeting #...3?

Homework. Math and ECE

J-Net fashion show: meeting with head person of the auditorium that we'll be using. Need to negotiate lights and sound and stuff.

OnSite training.

RENT is being shown for $2. I probably will go watch.

Saturday: Culture Shock @ Union, 7PM
Monday: Undergrad Research Workshop @ Union, 6PM?
Tuesday: Valentines day. Oh Senpai~ Must you be so far away?
-buy yellow roses for some people on campus?
-ECE391 MP2 Prelab due
Wednesday: IEEE Workshop meeting?

Saturday: Yo-yo performance?
Monday: ECE391 MP2 checkpoint.
Thursday: ECE391 First Hour Exam
Friday: MATH415 First Hour Exam
Tuesday: ECE329 First Hour Exam
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