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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Drawing... Valentine's "card"
Working on (or rather, am calling it "done" for now) a valentine's day err... image for Senpai. And I have come to the following conclusions:

1) Drawing with a tablet is fun. But somewhat harder than drawing on paper. But there's some spiffy controls on a tablet+photoshop that you just don't get on paper.
2) I need to work on being able to imagine details. Right now... it's just a foggy.. mental idea of what I want. And so I draw it, and then erase as I find ratio/size issues.
3) I love the ability to configure the wacom tablet driver so that only a certain portion of the tablet responds, and it only matches a portion of the screen (notably, where I want to draw).
4) Coloring is hard. Yipes. I'm doing the equivalent to watercolor-ring, right now... sketching in shaky grey ("pencil") lines, and then adding color and smudging to get the mix I want.

I need to look at other people's works and.. I dunno. The other thing is that I was drawing a cat. In a basket. Which I don't usually draw. Or rather, have never drawn on paper, so I didn't really know how to place the paws. Or how big the stupid basket should be. As it is, it's too big right now ^^;; and the cat looks awkward. And rather... childish =^^=;; Like a grade schooler took crayons and drew stuff. 'cept it wouldn't take a grade schooler 'bout 2 hours.

I want to know how people color up to the lines in photoshop. Need to see if most people just use fill? I dunno. The other thing is, I'm separating color and sketch lines, so I can mess around with color and be less precise, and not worry too much about erasing my original outlines. I guess I could also draw, then erase up to the lines...

Heheh, assuming Senpai doesn't read my journal here~ at least, I know she hasn't logged in again ^^;;

Phoo, I want a hug from her. And maybe a valentine's day present. Most likely not happening though. Oh well.

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Current Music: Runaway - Linkin Park - LOCAL COPY, Hybrid Theory

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porsupah From: porsupah Date: February 12th, 2006 05:18 am (UTC) (Link)
Oo.. I'll have to try (3) out sometime. That could be quite handy.

Yes, a tablet does seem to take some getting used to (I went for the A3-sized Intuos - about 5x8"), being an absolute rather than relative device. I need to persist with it, but with the perpetual racket around here, that's easier said than done. *sigh*

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