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Huh. Time to sell, I guess.

Google's been falling, and there's been enough news out there to worry me. And now M$ is coming in to try and win over some of google's customers.

The company announced the three-month promotion Tuesday, inviting Web searchers to visit to take their chances at winning a prize.
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While, yes, it's likely that it won't spread out to enough users to really make an impact, the fact that there is competition now is a bad thing. I think I'm going to sell what I have for the small profit I would make (~20-30 dollars at the moment) before it falls to the point where I'm losing money. I'll invest in google once things settle down a bit. I expect it'll drop down to probably 200-250$ per share.

What I learned from this?
a) I should pay more attention to news. If there's really bad news that comes along and catches my eye (which there was for google: Had I sold that tuesday that I read about google's below-expectation something-or-other, I would have still made $140+. Even if I had waited until friday to sell, it would still have been ok. But no, I waited too long.
b) I really shouldn't be too greedy. Hoping that it'll go up doesn't work that well. XP Should sell around 40% profit, probably, although I'm still letting apple rise right now, and AMD as well, since there's been little or no bad news. But I'll have to watch them carefully....

Yeah, 'cause I didn't invest in google when it was low, but when it was growing... so there's a pretty good chance, as things are going right now, of it dipping below when I picked it up.

Anyone have any interesting companies that I should look at? I have AMD, who's doing very well at the moment, and climbing like mad. Should sell soon. Apple's doing alright; the intel questions seem to have done little damage there... The entire tech area is currently rather crappy right now, really...
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