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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
NEC ND-3550A
Dear NEC ND-3550A (my nice DVD DL burner, installed on my desktop system),
I love you. Being able to burn at 8x is a nice change from my slower, less compatible burner I have at home.

Soon... someday.. I'll get you Dual Layer DVDs to toast. Just wait...


P.S. thank you for being cheap too. :D At $40, I think you were quite worth it.


That aside, I've chosen the worst time to back up my files to DVD. I have an MP due monday 11:59PM, a large checkpoint MP also due monday.. probably around 10 PM. Then there's midterms thursday and friday, and then another on tuesday.

I'm not ready for all this. Where is my time machine?!?


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