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my ECE391 (system's programming) MP2 is a race-car game. With bullets and barrels.

Our job involves fleshing out the game: adding upgrades, making images delete the old ones, etc. Most of the logic was completed for us. (probably.. a good, 80% of the code).

The whole point of the MP? To learn graphics card interfacing (Mode X! Hehehe) and writing drivers in linux.

'cept now I'm stuck on a graphics section and not too sure how to proceed. Ragh.


Hm, question for those who might notice it more / use it more than I do:

Since the livejournal update page now autosaves, where does the data get saved? In your browser? Or on their server? 'cause if it was on their server.. then... whee, sticky note ability. Kinda. 'cept you can't really force an auto-save. (manual... save? Oh, wait, that's called Posting.)


Eh, yeah, enough rambling. Complaint of the day: Yaoi_daily on livejournal has way too many posts. Daily_Yuri doesn't have enough. (no, really... 7 posts in a row from Yaoi_daily is slightly annoying...)

I'd unsubscribe, but occationally, there's nice gems~ (hehe, slightly attracted to shota, 'cause it's so damn CUTE, usually. Ignore all the sex and nakedness... And on occations, there's other nice, amusing ones, like the Wolves series some time back (not the real name - I'll look it up if anyone curious; I have it saved on my computer).)

Still, it does tend to push new friends posts off my friends page (of 50 entries~!) before I can get to them. Especially when I'm checking my friends page less than once a day, now and days. Life has gotten busy. So yeah, if you want my attention, e-mailing me would be better now. E-mail me. I miss long conversations over e-mail... wonder if I still have our conversation over e-mail saved somewhere, Sis.. that was... over the summer between middle school and high school, I think? So long ago...
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