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Apple's billion song count is getting close~ 6 million more.

Something interesting I came across after waiting too long to submit the form. Possibly exploitable. (it may be interesting to note that it showed up as <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<Document xmlns="" disableHistory="true" disableNavigation="true">

<plist version="1.0">




<ScrollView rightInset="0" topInset="0" bottomInset="0" backColor="ffffff" leftInset="0" stretchiness="1" horzScroll="as needed" vertScroll="as needed">
<Include target="main" url=""></Include>
<MatrixView rightInset="0" bottomInset="0" leftInset="0" topInset="0" rowFormat="100%,*">

<FontStyle name="textColor" color="000000"></FontStyle>
<HBoxView minWidth="760">
<View stretchiness="1" />
<VBoxView topInset="25" bottomInset="0" minWidth="700" >
<HBoxView leftInset="0" rightInset="0">
<TextView leftInset="0" rightInset="1" stretchiness="1" textJust="left" normalStyle="lucida17Bold">
<SetFontStyle normalStyle="textColor">

Session Timeout
<View width="10"/>

<PictureView width="11" topInset="1" height="12" rightInset="2" url=""></PictureView>
<TextView topInset="0" rightInset="0" styleSet="normal11Align" textJust="right"><SetFontStyle normalStyle="textColor">Secure Connection</SetFontStyle></TextView>


<TextView><GotoURL target="main" url="">Your session has timed out. Please try this operation again from the beginning.</GotoURL></TextView>

<View stretchiness="1" />

<View height="30" />
<HBoxView bottomInset="0" leftInset="0" rightInset="0">
<View stretchiness="1" />
<TextView topInset="2" styleSet="basic9" leftInset="0" textJust="center">Copyright</TextView><View width="2" />
<TextView topInset="0" normalStyle="lucida12" leftInset="0" textJust="center">©</TextView><View width="2" />
<TextView topInset="2" styleSet="basic9" leftInset="0" textJust="center">2006 Apple Computer, Inc. <OpenURL target="main" url="">All rights reserved.</OpenURL> | <OpenURL target="main" url="">Privacy Policy</OpenURL> | <OpenURL target="main" url="">Terms of Service</OpenURL> | <OpenURL target="main" url="">Terms of Sale</OpenURL> <OpenURL target="main" url="%20"> </OpenURL></TextView>
<View stretchiness="1" />

<View height="10" />



which rendered as a paragraph "ping Session Timeout Secure Connection Your session has timed out. Please try this operation again from the beginning. Copyright © 2006 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Terms of Sale"

Doubtfully hackable in any sort of way, but.. just logging this little bit of information.

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