Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


top computer/engineering
not a bad city over all
housing and parking seem difficult ($500/semester for parking privs. and based on lottery)
however, free bus rides for students
cheap gas
full wireless access, supports 11g. Is open (aka, no WEP/wireless encryption)
one free course with any sister school every semester
nice looking sports facilities
has greek, 11% are in greek houses

Cornell (attended walking tour and university info session)
Beautiful campus, although the city around it is cheerfully depressing and boring
$300 for parking permit
admissions: they want to get to know you! Use the space provided to brag a bit if you want. Also, for the part 3? personal question/answer thing, do not talk about the obvious stuff already answered in the rest of the admissions packet, but instead talk about something about you that isn't in the packet or may not be immediately obvious.
Need-blind admissions process
three ways to get extra scholarship money: two more leadership based, one community service based ("community" includes school)
they have early action: commitment type
7 different colleges, 4 are state funded, 3 are private (or was it the other way around)
tier? 1 sports, but has intramural and club sports as well
has greek, 1/3 are greek houses
more asians?? dunno, seemed to be more
larger campus compared to CMU, also more organized?
IB scores are accepted as well as AP exam grades (ie 3-5 for AP Calc BC accepted)
They look to see if you choose challenging courses- regular -> honor -> AP -> IB

Very restricted (class choices, etc. Think IB)
Advanced, fast paced classes
Does not accept IB/AP credits since almost all students are IB/AP students
75 students per class, but 4 are delayed/reserved for last class
new rooms, new everything
focused on combined ('coherts') classes - ie physics, math, and a 'project' class to combine for a final project
not completely full scholarship, you get 20,000 some, and you need to pay the remainder 10,000 something
I fear very very small class means not enough people interested in a wide variety of stuff
however, small means everyone knows the other people, which could be very advantageous in the future
focused on very well rounded people - humanities and econ courses are required.
nice small surrounding town though
target max number of students = 600, however that's in 10+/- years, at the moment =300
I am unimpressed
seems to be quite a lot of space for 300 people?
I would consider it more if there was a graduated class out there in the world already...
Has wireless, is encrypted.
Has honor system - can take tests online, out of classroom, like MIT

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