Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

I must be crazy.

I dropped $200 towards this:

I'm designating the above chapter-by-chapter payments as "subscription" payments,in order to leave free -- for those who prefer to handle their participation this way -- a separate channel for contribution to the project. My mystery e-mailer added the following good suggestion:

If you like, I give you my permission to publish this note and to convert the $1000.00 USD pledge into a challenge grant where I will match up to $1000 of donations from others, at your discretion.)

I like the sound of that. So I'm going to be establishing a separate payment button (look to the left) where interested parties can add to the challenge grant fund. If the challenge is successful, this will significantly reduce the total costs of the project, and make it possible for me to hit my "earn-out" figure sooner. Those who make contributions to this fund will also be acknowledged in all print versions as "Friends of The Big Meow" or something similar. (US readers, think of the varying levels of support you see advertised in an NPR / PBS pledge drive: this would be like that.) After the challenge amount is achieved, a notification to that effect will be posted on the Big Meow website. The "contribution button" will remain in place, though, for those who want to help the project along in a mode different from the chapter-by-chapter subscription model.

- via This recent post on Diane Duane's "The Big Meow" to-be-written book.

I had 'pledged' $300, actually ^^;;; but I don't know how she'll do subscriptions yet. And... anyhow... this money is coming from err... my liquidated google stocks. >.> I'm not broke...yet.

I'm not the only person donating large sums though... first, there's that $1000. And there was $155 when I got there. And now it's up to $465. Yay~

I think I'm crazy. Time to work harder and do more jobs. Heh. Even at $8/hr for my OnSite job... 3-5 hours per week... it'll still take me a while to make $200 back.

I like being crazy. I think I did well on my ECE391 exam today. ::crosses his fingers:: Math415 at 9 AM (Yargh.) tomorrow. Time to cram!
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