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I think I'm going to drop ECE329.

It's one of the major classes I have to take, in order to progress onto other classes.

If I stay in EE, that is. If I switch to CE.. then, I don't know.

Why? Mostly because my first midterm grade means the highest I can get in that class, with perfects on the second midterm and final, and perfects on the remaining homework problems, will probably be around 78%. Assuming no curve.

But it's impossible for me to get a perfect. On anything. Time proven fact, yo. So my final grade would probably be worse, around 68%, maybe, if I'm lucky. I don't know.

I've e-mailed my professor, and the advisors for ECE. The drop deadline is this friday.

I really don't want to drop the class though... I dunno... somehow... it's been ingrained in my mind that giving up=failure.

I know it's not true. And that since I'm taking 16 hours, dropping won't hurt me that much. Although I'm not all too sure if there's a penalty involved with dropping, at least before friday. Dropping after friday = automatic F.

Yeah, I really hope I can stop posting depressing content soon.

I think I need to spend all of spring break at home, studying. I need to study Math, ece391... possibly ece448. Read ahead in physics.

Gods, what's wrong with me. My studying abilities have gotten progressively worse, I think. Focusing is often an issue. Remembering things usually doesn't happen at all. And exams scare the fucking bejebbers out of me. Although that's probably just due to low self-esteem.

I went to someone's house (or rather, was driven there by said client) today. He had a pretty 20" new iMac. And... I don't know. It wasn't that he didn't understand computers... it's just... the way he looked at things... was different.

I think it's because Apple's made things so... userfriendly.. that people can't... no, don't.. have to learn. They just use. Until they run into problems, or something they don't understand. For example, he kept referring to his home folder as the "[username]" drive. I didn't try to correct him, though... really didn't want to confuse him further.

I don't know... it's these kinds of people who see error messages and just don't bother trying to read them. Kinda reminds me of... mem actually. When it comes to textbooks, actually. When I'm tired, and come across stuff I don't understand. Huh. Now that was an eyeopener. Kinda.

But yeah... Spent an hour and three-quarters at his house, showing him stuff, and running backups (which, interestingly, don't work when your external hard drive is formatted as FAT. Weird..). And then, I spent about 45 minutes at home, on the phone with him, walking him through the Tiger installation process.

Oh, and Apple support = stupid. Apparently, he called them. And they told him he should backup his home folder. So he tried copying it, which gave errors. And then he renamed it. Causing him to "lose" all of his data. -.-;;;; And Apple told him to find someone locally to fix his system.

Oh, and apparently he has issues with eudora and attachments. And the attachment he was having trouble with opened perfectly. And then wouldn't open in Word because his Office Test Drive time was up. So Apple told him to get Stuffit. Not download, but BUY. -.-;; The poor man didn't need to buy the $30 software - Stuffit Expander is Free! And zip files open automatically in MacOS X by default.

Alrighty, I'm going to bed. It's 3 am again. And e-mails have been sent, homework has been done, and textbooks have been read. So it's time for sleep. Rejoice.
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