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LiveJournal and Ads?! and OMG, That's so cool!

First, the more important bit of news:
LiveJournal may be adding a new userlevel, between free users and paid users. It'll be the ad-enabled users, so in exchange for seeing ads, you'll get some extra features.

The Post Here on lj_biz. Pointed out by selphish

I'm not in favor of ads, personally. You'll find my comment somewhere in the 400s...

Second, the spiffyness pointed out by dduane:

Sidewalk art. That tricks the eye, and looks almost real.

She's compiled a page of the images here. The guy's homepage is here. It's amazing. I'd save an image and link to it, but... bah, that's too many extra steps, and I still have quite a few lectures to study. Plus, it's probably copyrighted work. Just go look. Now~.

And I'll get back to people's comments soon. I promise. Once I take one more exam tomorrow
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