Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Hm, silly Chase...

Some point back in December of last year (12/2005...), I had deposited Chase's $20 => automatic signing up for the Chase Payment Protector Plan thing.

And canceled one month after, within the free period.

Yep, well, Chase is either:
a) desperate
b) forgetful
c) a fountain of money...

...'cause they've offered me the same check again, same 30-day-free-trial.

::shakes his head:: Chase, you guys are silly.

So, check's been deposited, and I have another extra $20 to spend, that I don't really need to pay for, aside from a 1 hour phone call (maybe less, depending on how insistent I want to be...)

(Oh, yeah, last time I canceled, I also got a free credit report out of the deal; now, I know we can get three (?) free credit reports per year out of the three major credit reporting companies, but, hey, it's better this way, when I don't have to lift a paw to request them, ne?)

Credit's good, btw. I'm in the 700+ range, from 150-930. XD If this is private information, hit me. I doubt anyone can do anything bad with it, but.. meh, whatever.

And Citibank's doing the same thing too, with less money offered ($15), Citibank's Credit Protector's what they're calling it.

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