Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Alrighty, does anyone have a copy of All Dogs Go To Heaven DVD I can borrow for like, 30 minutes, and rip? ^^;; I want to watch the movie again, but I can't find our VHS copy....

...maybe I should just hit blockbuster or something. >.> although, meh, don't _really_ want to spend money on this.... I spend enough money on my random whims as is... ^^;

I've already try the torrents available... there's a 3.94/4 GB one out there, but the data's corrupt- it dies after about 8 minutes T.T.

Oh cruel, cruel world, teasing me like that.

Hm, MCPL has the VHS copy. XP
Champaign Public Library has a DVD copy, but goodness knows I probably won't have time to watch movies once school starts up again. I still need to get to studying and doing work. Marf.

Or, you know, I could use that Best Buy gift card I have lying somewhere to pick up a copy, if they're still sold at Best Buy...

...Oh, hey, they just released I and II in a pack on DVD for $20... Drat. I don't remember if II was really worth it though..

And it's available at the Rockville Store. Damnit.

Seems like a waste of money though ^^;; 'cause I'm probably not going to watch it again for a _very_ long time.

I guess I _could_ make my dad get that instead of whatever he's getting next on netflix... hrm... $6.12 on amazon. Hm, and All Dogs Go to Heaven II is .01 used. -.-;; yeah, it's not worth it, I see.
Tags: whims

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