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mom wants to make a list of our books again... and instead of hypercard (which I used two? three? years ago to make the list) now I have java. And damn, it so much more powerful.

There a working hmm.. complete beta, I suppose I could call it. There are probably bugs, but I caught.. more or less most of them.

here's the jar file, dunno if anyone will be able to run it:

Command should be something like this: java -cp [jarfile location] BookDB.Application1

On a mac (in the terminal, assuming it's on the desktop): java -cp .:/Users/[your user-name]/Desktop/JavaClasses.jar BookDB.Application1

A sample library database can be found here: library.db. For the file name location, you may need a full file path, or you may not. I dunno. ie. if library.db is in the same directory as JavaClasses.jar, it should automatically be read in by default.

I should write a mini-manual, but it's past midnight now and I have my drivers test thing tomorrow, so I should be a good kitty and be in bed.

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