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Thoughts, as they hit me:

Sound issues abound. And we got to see windows shut down on the pretty scrim they had set up.

Mmm, one or two late or early spotlights...

Actors weren't louder than the pit.

The ramps that extended from the stage were interesting though.

Hm, little-chris (Chris Y.) went onstage, interestingly enough. Mmm, I don't think I recognized anyone else. Oh, other than the other TD. Mmm, didn't see little Bailey.

Hm, let's see.. there were some really good singers, including Adriana, who played Mother, and mmm, don't remember. Little-Chris was pretty good. Brooker T. Washington's mic kept dying though, although volume issues went for just about everyone, and enunciation problems.. meh.

The cast was insanely large. The little flyer at the front of the book says 80 students. o.O They had to take turns bowing in the end.

I'm actually surprised that it costed more for operating supplies than for lighting. But yeah, that scrim is Nice.

Mmm, a few dark patches for lighting, but otherwise general coverage was fine. One of the spotlights kept talking at some point. And I could hear them. Shut up, yo.

Errm. What's with the influx of little asian girls? o.O There was a lot of them, for some odd reason.

Hm, I have the Ragtime CDs, UK version, apparently, but still Original Broadway Cast. Poke me if I should post up a copy.
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