Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Dreaming of Death

So, stepping right into the dream...

It started out with skiing, 'cept the slopes were all ice. Talked to some people, then wandered off in my usual fashion.

There was something about a remodeling basement, and talking to workers, and wandering around, but I don't quite remember that part anymore.

Met up with the chinese yo-yo team, but... and did some sort of announcement of hobbies or something, (I guess this was a meeting of some sort, we were celebrities, but... somehow, I was the maker of calendars... o.O)

Then we all left... for downstairs, by a large elevator that... looked like a U laid flat. So the door was where the bottom of the U was, and buttons were on either sides of the door, and you could walk all the way to the back of either sides of the U. The walls were metal and blue and bumpy - decorated as flattened pyramids.

For some reason, Mark R. was there. o.O He's not on the Chinese yo-yo team, so.. I dunno what he was doing there. So, the elevator was quite slow. And weird. The people that were with us got off. And the elevator started back up. I'm not too sure why. I played with the buttons, trying to make it so that once it hit the top again, it'd head down without opening the door to save time. Or prevent more people from coming in.

Then the elevator got stuck. We pulled out our laptops to play random games while we waited for someone to fix it... there was internet in the elevator, for some odd reason. And power.

I played some sort of game involving... fighting off of spirits or aliens... and keeping them away from a "goal"? But I was sadly overnumbered. The aliens, shaped like the sun and the moon, got past me, and when I turned around to knock them off the goal, I found the goal to look like earth. They were rapidly draining the life out of earth. I, in the game, was some equivalent of a giant robot, or ship - I don't know. Either way, the game ended, earth having turned into a ball of dead dust.

And then the internet died. I don't know who noticed it first, but... yeah. We checked a TV (WTF? Why was there a TV there...?) and discovered that the elevator we were in was on the news. Why? It was about to fall. Then, as we watched, it fell, and crashed into the ground. And we died. I don't remember any pain, just a white flash of light, then as everything faded back into view, everything looked the same. I guess, we just assumed that we were dead. There wasn't much questioning about it. I called home, on my cellphone, and told them I was dead. And to be happy. And asked them to hang up, so I could leave my dying message on the answering machine. And then I did the same on livejournal, in a phone post, "I would like to thank everyone who's ever been my friend... Lady Megan, Karen-Senpai, Lily, Sis, 'melly..."

And... nothing happened. Full control of my dream kicked in, so I started playing with the possibilities. Mark turned into a skeleton and wandered out the door. I turned myself into a skeleton, and then decided that wasn't the way I wanted it. I went back, and redid the phone call. I went "forward" in time, and discovered that the batteries weren't being drained on either our cellphone or my computer. Figured that it was either a flaw in my dream, or that once we died, our stuff came with us. Yep, checked my watch, and the computer clock, time didn't appear to be moving anymore. Or we were in a place where the quartz frequency was equal to zero.

There was something outside, but with full control, I couldn't really see it without affecting it. I think it was supposed to be that once we left, we really would be dead and no long have any communication with the living world. So I dawdled in the elevator, and eventually woke up.
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