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80 GB hard drive, $10 after rebates.

Probably more like $17 after shipping+tax+whatgiveyou.

Still, pretty good. Maybe if there wasn't shipping it'd be cheaper.. dunno. No clue, I'm not that interested in it.

Going back to illinois tomorrow. 'cept it's more like early morning, 'cause that's when we'll be leaving for my sister's piano competition. I get dropped off afterwards. Lovely.

Work accomplished this break: 0.

I don't think I should come home to maryland on break, expecting to get work done. It just doesn't happen. It's not that there's too many distractions, but there's just... more stuff to do. Drive my sister around, wander around online. And when I do try to study, it's noisy. -.-;;; Without an iPod and headphones to wander off to some closet somewhere, it's hard to block out everything else. And using my computer isn't much of an option there; I tend to go online.
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