Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Those Okashina Okashi guys are really hot. Or at least the ones running that store/hotel/whatnot (hasn't really been paying too much attention to that tangent of the storyline).

Damnit, I'm not gay!

Yes I am... I'm not...

....... NYAH! so confused.... Oh well, at least the girls are still cuter ^^ but I really, really wouldn't mind getting/wearing an outfit like that... and working there.. mmmm.... think they have some nice handcuffs and stuff too, I'm sure... ***O.O*** ::looks dazzled and daydreamish... sparkles dancing around his head::

Wow, sudden increase in activities. Someone remind me to e-mail Yu Gun Nan regarding the movie. (the thirteenth. At noon, hopefully, dunno. -.- hope he wasn't expecting the night. 'cause he ain't getting it. And following that, Bethesda with LisaKita and people. Sunday will (hopefully) be my relax/have fun day.)

And then there's a pool party friday... o.O random and without reason. Do I really want to get wet? (oh, Lady, not that way. Besides, it would be get sticky and not get wet, wouldn't it? Ok, yes, people are getting disgusted and I'm being too obvious again ^^ time to shut up and go to bed)

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