Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Weekend: start!


"You know how it is: you've got a 30-inch cock but your wife's box is only six inches. The only intelligent solution is to offer the box for sale on eBay, as this Wisconsin vendor attempted to do:..."

And um, LED Sex Positions, for the geeks.
(via... porsupah, methinks)

And... I lost my wallet. o.O I think it's in the CITES OnSites lab, 'cause that's where I took it out to swipe myself in today. On the bright side, not too many people have access to the lab, but on the down side, it's doubtful that anyone will actually go to the lab this weekend. Unless one of the other consultants decides to be nice and make an extra trip there to swipe me in.

Or, the other possibility is that my roommate took it and hid it, although that's rather unlikely. Still, he's been known to do stupid things given lack of sleep. >.> His denials weren't very convincing, I'm afraid, and he's moved my wallet in the past. Random immature stupidness. David, if you were lying to me, be prepared to get kicked out of the apartment for a few days. I'm not going to be happy at all.

Used book sale, speaker workshop, Krannert work.

Phys213 review session

ECE391 MP3 due.

Advising Appointment, ECE391 review session

Phys213 midterm

ECE391 second hour exam.

Am fucked? Yes. I'll be offline (No livejournal posts, no IM) until thursday... See you all then.
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