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Gah, it's 6:45!?

My alarm's set to 8:20. I have an exam at 9.

I went to bed at 4.

It's 7:00 right now. I'm up. And wishing my roommate was just slightly more considerate sometimes. But no, I wake to his CD player/alarm clock playing loudly... well, it wasn't too loud, but it made it's way around the apartment. Granted, both our doors were open, and so was his door to the bathroom (our bathroom's are connected - usually, blocking sound is best achieved by closing all the doors, but it's gotten hot enough to keep doors open for the sake of airflow). On the plus side, it was the morning mix I burned for him, which I don't exactly object to waking to. But it's the whole frigging fact that I got woken up at 6:45...

But ugh. >.> I wonder if he even realizes that his CD player/alarm clock had gone off. Or if it was that loud.

[/end bitch-moan about being woken up an hour and a half before he wanted to be up... 3 hours of sleep, 'bout one REM cycle, so it should be enough to last me through the exam. And maybe the physics lab afterwards.]

Oh well, time to make the best of life... must get back to studying. Although I'm actually somewhat tempted to head on out to the classroom, to make sure that in the unlikely, but not impossible case that I fall asleep again, I'll still get woken up by the teacher handing out the exams... It looks nice outside, and a decent bike ride would be spiffy.
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