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Senior Photos tomorrow, need to figure out exactly what I need to bring (one casual set of clothes? how casual? and props.. what props? I don't want props, do I? Am I suppose to bring the "school jacket, shirt and tie"? What if I can't tie a tie??? >.<) I'm so confused. Should call fei-fei or gordon and ask what they brought. Or maybe get their early, figure out what to bring, then go home, grab needed stuff, and go back? Or maybe I should use the phone (oh, brilliant idea, why didn't I think of this earlier?) and call the number provided? Anyhow, if people are bored with nothing to do, my time is 11:15. Senpai's time, on the other hand, is at 1:45. If my thing takes an hour, then it'd be 12:15. Do I really want to wait one and a half hours just to see senpai? Am tempted, I must admit. I miss people! =T.T=

Have started my own VSD, me being the main character. I lack good, workable material in my life (which is actually very very boring, study for SAT IIs, study chinese, dance brief intervals of DDR as a poor replacement for exercise, sightread duets with my mom as an apologetic motion for lacking motivation to sincerely practice anything).

Today's two 'fun' activities were both canceled. Gordon couldn't find JVD (ano, is he still in the western US? he hasn't posted since that yellowstone post... o.O should I have told Gordon??? I thought he knew, and that JVD was already back.. but why hasn't JVD posted anything else yet?) so we canceled the movie. Hope I didn't irritate Gordon... hope he understood. ('cause like Gordon was going to bring some other girl who I don't know at all. o.O it would have been weird.). Then there was LisaKita. It would have been them and me. Which wouldn't have been that bad, but probably awkward, although I'm sure I could have gotten nice blackmail photos. Then again, they would probably be too careful. Would be cool to have donned a black shirt, black sunglasses, and stalked them :D

And I've been spending less time on the computer recently. This frightens me. What's wrong with me!!! ^^;;; I've actually been forgetting to real people's journals daily, so gomen ne~ (Then again, at least 5-8 people don't update daily, so it's not like it really makes that much of a difference ^^;;;;; excuses, excuses, yes, yes, I know, bad neko, will stop making them. Now hush.)
Anyways, so yes, I am reading people's entries, just one or two days behind. And usually I haven't had time to post comments, due to (more excuses, Gomen nasai!! m(_._)m) being busy... of my two do list, there's still too much left to do, and time is flying so much faster than I would like it to... I only have 6? more weeks left to study for all three SAT IIs I need to take, read the two english summer reading books, study chinese so I can read it well enough and preferably write decent essays, read the history summer reading book, finish my extended essay, and relax. NYAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! ::can't decide if she wants to fall over and faint or run around in 1.57079632675 ft radius circles (that'd be pi divided by two, for those who don't see that immediately =^.-=)::

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