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Life, and all that.

To fill in the things noted two entries ago (life, female condoms, J-net, work, school)... erm. Yeah, here's the entry. It'll be brief, since I'm somewhat hungry and would like a bit of food.

Life has been.. just life. My iBook's died again, and has been shipped off to Apple (friday afternoon. I'm expecting it back, hopefully before the end of next week. Usually, they're pretty good about that). The issue this time was... inconsistant. Occationally, it would boot. And some other times, it would start up to a black, blank screen (no backlight, no video). Other times, I could get Open Firmware (Apple's... BIOS equivilant, I suppose), which would report an "Invalid memory access at %SRR0: 0005f3ec %SRR1: 00003030". On one other occation, I also got "System Failure: Cpu=0; Code=00000008 (Unaligned stack)". And there were also a number of Kernel Panics (grey screen in the middle) as well as the nastier sort (black text directly on the screen, as was the format for the "System Failure..." message above.

My appetite has been messed up as of late. Either due to stress, or.. I don't know. I haven't had a desire to eat during most normal meal times. Granted, I usually force myself to eat at least a normal meal, but... yeah, it's been messed up. And it's not like I get hungry after meal times either, when I miss, say, lunch, so... I don't know. :: shrugs:: It'll fix itself, I'm sure.

And I need to exercise more. I played a bit of volleyball with the J-net club members the previous saturday, at the end-of-the-year picnic, and was sore from just bumping and setting a few times. And I have noticed an increased weakness in my arms: I can't hold the iBook level in one arm for at least 15 minutes anymore, without wincing and letting it rest against my body.

Let's see... and more on J-net: I'm now the official webmaster. Yay. There's a beta site up, but content is sadly lacking. The previous president didn't give me much to work with, and I doubt anyone will respond to my queries for suggested information. Am I the only person who has issues because I tend to drop my club activites on the same level as school and everything else? o.O

Hm, random note from helping a random show strike (I was bored, it was illinites, I didn't have friends with me, and I saw pretty equipment... so I offered to help, and they let me.): Genie lift type lighting scaffolding costs about $100 to rent per day. Although you usually rent it for several days. Essentially, it was two genie lift type things (with the usual legs), and you handcrank it to lift a set of lights. The design was interesting. Looked kinda like the Genie Pneumatic Tower here, 'cept there were two of them, and they were was handcrank, and the thing it lifted was four... sets of four pipes wielded together, from which you could hang rows of pre-hung lights.

Let's see.. Female condoms. Right. That was from the Day of Silence: There was a health fair going on inside the union (promoting better health... there were companies and various student clubs and UIUC departmental units there). They were giving away bags of stuff, and I grabbed one. Contained... several condoms, and also two much larger condoms, which turned out to be female condoms. For females to insert into their vaginas. Eh, I dunno. I don't have a vagina to try it in, so I really can't say more. Go here if you want more information:

Work. Work actually... nothing really to say here. I haven't done anything at Krannert for a while. :\ I don't even know if I'm still on the e-mailing list for calls. OnSite... has been relatively quiet, in terms of activity. I get about one to two tickets per week, usually mac tickets, since that is my speciality. I enjoy doing mac tickets, actually, since I can easily troubleshoot most issues. PC tickets, however, are usually viruses, which, other than popping in discs, disabling them manually with a process explorer (sysinternal(s?) .net? - good stuff) and looking up odd things on startup using other tools from that site, there's not much else I know how to do.

School. Exams are coming up. 'Nuff said? I have four exams. One monday, one tuesday, one wednesday, one friday. Starting the monday after the one that's coming up. Of the four exams, three are at 8 AM. -.-;; That promises to be bad. I should probably start adjusting my sleeping schedule now.
On the bright side, there's no more physics classes. And we're almost done with our ECE391 MP4, a kernel/OS, with a flat file system, two programs supported (one shell, one other thing)... and now, it has color :D . Mostly 'cause I didn't know what else to do, and I didn't know where to start hunting for the bug that was plaguing the system. I was mostly the C coder, and stayed away from the assembly portions...

Hm, and teaching people how to ice skate is hard. All I could say was, "keep your knees bent", "lean forwards, so you stop flailing around 'cause you're afraid you're going to fall on your butt"... ^^;; I tried pointing out that there are two edges to the ice skate blade, and depending on where you put your weight, it changes how the ice skate will travel... but I don't think she had enough balance to do that, alas. Anyone else have any tips? Not like I'll get her on the ice again.. took probably a year of nagging and begging, this one.

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