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Oooh... "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"

This one is definitely a keeper.

So it has been revealed that all three other members of the club are those that Haruhi wants to find. The little bookworm girl is the alien. The poor abused "cute" girl is the time traveler. And the last "mysterious transfer student" is a ESPer. And it's all tied to something that happened three years ago.

The alien girl's story: They noticed a massive data expansion three years ago, and she has been sent there to observe the cause of the data explosion, which cause was found to be Haruhi. It was implied that Haruhi could control all data around her, unconsciously. So stuff would work out the way she desired. The alien girl's purpose is to observe and see if Haruhi was the key to their evolution.

The time traveler's story: They noticed that they couldn't travel back in time more than three years ago. And that Haruhi was the cause of some timeshelf shift. Kinda like an earthquake, but in time, causing a rift. She is sent there to observe and watch for any more time shifts.

The ESPer's story: They were formed three years ago. And there's some connection to Haruhi, and they've come to the conclusion that she is a god. And that, it could be that she is dreaming, and everyone was part of her dream. He's job is to observe - and "let the sleeping god lie".

It's an interesting idea. If you could control dreams, and if you got that working one step further, so reality was just part of a more continuous, more stable dream, then you might be able to change reality. If you could process enough of the data to make the modifications...

Come to think of it, the instant transportation in Ender's series was also based on this, wasn't it? The computer would all data on the stuff to be moved, copy it to a "buffer space" and then write it back into the real world. Which shouldn't be too far off in our future, really. We're already transporting some small particle or other... we just need much more powerful computers........ But that would also mean you could do anything... not just move, but also copy... etc... Granted, no one knows if there really are souls, and if they're really one-per-customer only...
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