Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Quincy Orchard

Probably spelled that wrong... WST moved everything to QO tonight... g*d f*rqing dh*mn their stage is nice. Ok, not _nice_ there's still some minor problems, but with 4 rows of electrics, two catwalks (less than half the length of ours and obstructed by ceiling stuffs, which makes some problems), a nice couch-enabled booth with awesome light fixtures (need to take pictures of those, they're so cool....), nice tech stuff, etc. It's all very, very good. And there's ice cream within hellshort walking distance.

Will not be going to kings dominion, very much saddened. Bah humbug to random weird people who are coming to visit (friday). Apparently two families will come and mix with ours, one from the local area, one from chicago, where my dad will be going on sunday, and both will have kids my age, although I will be the oldest.

My nails are not long at all. Even for a guy, they're not long. Sheesh. Will open a poll if I have to. Unless you mean long as in not just the white part? I dunno. Like, when I speak of long nails, I mean long (3+ mm from the line between white and flesh colored nail sections.)

...and now back to WST...
I floated around the crews today, helped carry things in, then wandered in to help mess with sound (nice, enjoyable to work with, sound crew chief. He is very competent. Which is a nice thing. Lighting chief seems bossy ::shrugs:: and I hang too many lights during RM drama sessions anyhow, so I went up, helped move a leiko (yay for the happy surprised look on the person's face... bertha? I've forgotten, bad me... when it took me <1 min to remove the light. It was nice. F34R MY S|<1LLZ!) (speaking of which, NO SAFETIES! NYAH! BAD THING! Light will FALL and SQUISH audience) (and they use funky 3-circular pronged "straight"? plugs Bizarre stuff) and then wandered down to help troubleshoot sound. Yay, was helpful there too. Headsets are apparently new, as I was told. They look ok. ::shrugs::

You pyromaniacs. Someday, I will get a blowtorch and then we'll see who has greater flashing power. Oh. Damn, um... not that way. Shut up, you. You know what I mean!
(crowbaress was flashing the lighter randomly in front of people's faces ¬.¬)

[rant]I need to get a smaller wrench. Stupid thing is too heavy, stupid pants had stupid elastic that kept sliding down. Stupid wrench.[/end rant]

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