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Jeff S wrote:
BiggBru wrote:
Alex Papadimoulis wrote:
Once this person is identified they will be fired immediately and in quite a spectacular fashion.

And how do you fire someone in "spectacular fashion"? Is he going to have an orchestra playing on the background, circus acrobats twirling behind them, possibly even a sports announcer and play-by-play commentator giving everyone the breakdown?

I definitely wouldn't work for the company, but I would attend one of their firings.

I'm not sure of the specific details, but I am guessing it would involve a wild monkey, angry bees, glue, 2 pounds of olive oil, hand-cuffs,6 dozen fire crackers, an agitated mountain goat, 20 feet of twine, and a dirty toothbrush.

Via Notably, this post:

The original post as follows:
Most people have a hard time understanding why CEO's are paid so highly. They don't see that it really is a tough job, requiring the utmost dedication to the company. They don't realize that a CEO has no power to directly change things and that he must rely on all of subordinates to realize the company's objectives. They don't get that it takes a very special person, one who is a skillful communicator, a champion motivator, and an ideal role model to do the job. But then again, they are inundated with anonymously-submitted examples like today's ...

From: Jim M----- []
Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 3:49 PM
To: All Employees
Subject: Employee Departure

Wow. Someone does not want to work here. Rather than having the courage to quit and go get a job elsewhere this supposedly adult individual has chosen to stay and take up space in our company.

They made the mistake today of telling a candidate in the elevator that they should not take a job here at -----. That ----- was not a good place to work.

The candidate then told the recruiter, who then told us. The recruiter is getting a description of the person who told the candidate this. If necessary I will pay the candidate to come and identify who they talked to.

Once this person is identified they will be fired immediately and in quite a spectacular fashion.

I'd suggest if that person has an ounce of personal honor they will quit now. Otherwise it will be quite a public spectacle later.

The people in this company who work hard everyday to accomplish their jobs do not need the distraction of the bitchers that unfortunately every company has eventually.

I'd suggest your displeasure is endemic of your personality and most likely you have never been happy at any job you have ever had. So do us all a favor and leave.

If I sound outraged, it is because I am.

If you don't like this company -then GET THE HELL OUT.

The rest of us are trying to accomplish something here.

Jim M-----
---- Corporation

Ironically, after a series of pay cuts, mandatory overtime, and benefits slashing, the email didn't help improve employee morale.

so, my question to all of you:
Is it ok to badmouth your company while you're on their payroll?

Personally, I wouldn't mind (either hearing problems, or stating them to possible employees), if there really were problems. I would like to know what I'm walking into, and I would rather people have more information than less. Although I think I would usually try to counter any negative points that I note with positive points... it wouldn't just be problems that I'd list.
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