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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Huh. Them other file dumping locations...
transferbigfiles.com doesn't work with safari. Or maybe it's the space in the file. ::shrugs:: Either way, it tells me I didn't select a file. Silly.

zUpload.com doesn't seem to work. I got script and MySQL errors

FileFactory didn't receive the file; it went to a file sending page and stayed at zero. The traffic monitor I have running didn't show any activity either.

Ok, filefactory works with firefox. Uploading at about 200KB/s.

Saikano Manga:

Oooh, nice, they're much faster than BigUpload. Approximate average downspeed is 400, which is, more or less, the wireless cap here.

Current Music: Far Away - Ayumi Hamasaki - LOCAL FILE, A Best

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