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So I originally had 30 minutes to change planes.

But my fight from Champaign was late, by 15 minutes.

So I ended up with 10 minutes to get from gate C...something to gate A77. Which was at the end of another section of the airport. There's usually trams that run down the length of the airport, but we (me, and someone else who was trying to catch the flight to washington) just missed the tram. Thus ensued much running. I need more stamina. =.= died around gate A63~ and walked most of the rest of the way, and made it to the gate just as the guy was getting ready to close the door. ^^;;;

I'm never doing that again. Owwie. At least there was someone else with me.

But yeah, all was good. Passed out on the plane and woke up to see the washington monument (eh...pencil-like thing. Monument?). It was pretty in the dark.

But yes, home now.

Now to throw stuff into the laundry, shower, and going to bed.

For the curious, map of the airport can be found here:
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