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xxxHolic, ep 6

Partial transcript, 'cause it's interesting. Subs by Shinsen-subs.

a) ah, yes. I want to stop... going on the net.
b) It's constantly bothering me, even when I'm doing housework or watching television. I suddenly find myself sitting at the computer, even when I know I shouldn't be. My son is becoming lonely. My husband even told me to stop.
a) Are you serious?
b) Yes
a) But, you haven't been able to stop up until now.
b) Why do you think that is?
a) I'm sure it's because I haven't had enough resolve.
b) resolve?
a) But I'm sure I can quit this time!
b) How are you going to do that?
a) I'll keep my distance from it. Once I've calmed down, then I might be okay to use it again. But, I'll stop for now.
b) Hey.
a) Yes?
b) If you want to stop doing something, you must ask yourself, "Why do I want to stop?" and "Why can't I stop?"
a) Umm, what do you mean?
b) Why do you want to stop using the computer?
a) Because my husband told me to.
b) You have to quit because your husband told you to? Would you quit anything, just because your husband told you to?
a) No, unmm.. I didn't mean it like... My husband isn't a nag. This is the first time he's asked me to stop doing something.
b) and?
a) I'm on the net all the time. I don't take care of my duties around the house, or play with my son. I neglect him.
b) Why do you have to play with your son? Why?
a) My son is still small. He's at the stage where he needs a lot of attention. I don't want him to feel lonely.
b) Why don't you want him to be lonely?
a) Because, he is my son.
b) And?
a) And, because he is cute.
b) Even though you know you have him to take care of, you still can't stop. What do you think is keeping you from stopping, even though you know all of this?
a) That is... All of a sudden...
b) That's wrong.
c) This is more frightening than spirits.
b) You want to stop using the computer, right?
a) Yes.
b) You don't care about the size of the sacrifice, as long as you can stop, right?
a) Sacrifice?
b) You want to stop, right? No matter what.
a) I want to...
b) Well then... [points to computer] don't touch that computer anymore.
a) [demurely] Yes.
exit b and c.

assorted scenes. Cut back to a, alone in her house... obviously suffering from computer withdrawal. And she goes back to the computer. With the excuse that she needs to send an e-mail to her friends online to state that she's not going on the computer... and one thing leads to another... she rambles on about downloading stuff.

enter b. And c.
b) If you can't download all of it now, will you do it next time?
a) [frightened] I just wanted to let everyone know that I can't e-mail them anymore.
b) Oh? Isn't this a site?
a) Just for a while... anou... there might be a novel I haven't downloaded yet. That's why, just for a little while...
b) You said you wanted to stop, right? [gets close to a, tilts her chin up] All of it, everything. Using it only a bit, for a little while, or even just a second, doesn't change the fact that you are using it.
a) But, I definitely plan on stopping after this.
b) Whether you quit something or do something, it has the same meaning. All that you need to have are actions and earnestness.
a) It's because my husband and my child...
b) That's wrong. Others don't matter. You need your own reasons.
a) Others? They're my family.
b) What difference does it make to you if you're linked by blood? Anyone by you, isn't you. In other words, they are just other people. Therefore, think about it yourself. You have to decide on your own, what is important to you. If it bothers someone else, but you still want to do it... That is still your own will. Even if your child cries, and your husband objects, the computer is still your friend. The net is our world, after all. That is the way things are. [pulls a up] If that's the path you choose... Even if you throw this world away, there are still things you can acquire. If you understand the weight of what you will lose, and yet you still want it, that is true resolve. So, what will you do? What is important to you?
a) [after a second] I want to stop using this computer.
b) Really?
a) [looks back at computer] I don't want to lose the life I have right now.
b) Can you stop on your own?
a) I will try. But, if there is something you can do...
b) Do you want help?
a) Yes.
b) How many computers do you have in this house?
a) Just this one.
b) So, if you stop using this one, then that's it.
a) Yes.
b) I see. I'll help you stop. In return, I'll take compensation.
a) Money?
b) I don't need money. Let's see... I'll take that chair.
a) The high-chair?
c) Why?
b) Is that okay?
a) Yes.
b) Watanuki, the bat please? [c takes out the bat they just bought] You know, a name is a very important thing.
c) a name?
b) Yes, a name has power. Whether or not it is alive, if it bears a name, it has the ability to call upon the same power as the one who has that name. [writes on the bat with a black permanent marker]
c) I don't see where this is going.
[b holds up bat~ it's been named the sword that Goemon uses in Lupin III]
c) Don't tell me, you're not going to...
[b goes into swinging stance]
c) Wait a minute!
[b switches to sword stance, draw the sword-bat, and slices the computer... in half. Ah, anime...]
b) I had to cut through something boring again. [[note: quote from Lupin III, often said by Goemon when he cuts objects.]]

mostly of interest to me, 'cause I have/had computer addiction issues. As does my sister. And I'm sure some of you people do too... Maybe.
Tags: anime, quoting, self-improvement

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