Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Met more people at WST today. One obsessive (but cool) person whom I met the first or second day that I was there (I think) and now re-met because I never really got her name... which I think I've forgotten again, emily? O.o no clue... -.-;; Also met umm... what's her name... person who shared fries, and I think I confused momentarily by mentioning livejournal. 'cept now I can't find her username. I must be being stupid.

I think Harry thinks I'm on sound. Not that I object, really, since I don't have any real crew that I belong to (do I? confusion bounces around me, laughing like a random hyper girl on too much sugar). Been asked to get/figure out what days I can come, which, I think, are all but the first week of August, when we'll be driving up to UI (Annarbor?) and Univ. of Mich. (Champaign? Or was this one Annarbor and... gah, who cares... it's something anyways.). Then again, random things have been popping up without a week+ notice, so I dunno... But given that WST is at night, it should be workable.

About my consistent disappearances around 10 (9, 9:30, 10:30, 10, etc). My mom doesn't completely approve of the drama thing, so to keep her happy, I stay only for 3 hours. Today was 4 hours, an exception, but that's because of random transportation problems. (Well, ok, I have reasons as well, since I have been ordered to drive myself (plus dad, since I still don't have insurance) and I don't want to drive too late at night. Glen rd. and that other road.. mmm... quincy orchard, I think? are freaky roads in the dark, many sharp twists and turns, I'm consistently fearing that I'll drive the car off the road...)

In other news tonight, I have found the requested Final Cut Pro 4, amazingly on BitTorrent. ::sighs:: I'm sorry, Apple, I dislike doing this, but forcing such expensive prices on both your computer systems and your software really sucks.

Also, have found new webcomic to read while waiting for the others to update. This one amuses me much, mostly because I wish I was in his place... or her, I should say.

Also, there was Panther Developer Preview available on BitTorrent. For those who don't know, it's the next MacOS X version. I have not installed it yet, nor have I tried it. ::shrugs:: I should wait for the final release, and not the preview, but well, bah, my tendencies to be a collector of things overrides other (perhaps more) intelligent thoughts. Download speeds were fast for that, running at some 155 K/s consistently.

I think that's all, I should go practice piano and study chinese. Even though it's 11 already, darnit.. -.-
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