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Sony Rootkit Settlement

Hah! We win! (eh, we = consumers, anyhow)

"Consumers will receive new malware and vulnerability-free CDs, a patch to remove the offending XCP or MediaMax code, and Sony will be dishing out free downloads."

In other news, I found eMule (eDonkey?) to be an awesome network for large files. Like several archives of Hooked on Classics~ <3 =^^=v

It also helped me locate MariBato, a doujinshi Maria-sama Ga Miteru game. (...a Maria-sama Ga Miteru doujinshi game? which goes first..?). It's been uploaded to MegaUploads (:P YouSendIt, why did you have to limit your upload sizes to 50MB?) and you can download it here:

(Disclaimer for the file: I've run it on my own PC, but I give no guarantees of it not being a virus. It _does_ crash for me, every time the battle ends and I return to the main menu.)
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