Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Huh. Matt's GSA thing is still alive... >.>

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good end to their school year- I know I'm sure glad to be home and done with classes for a while :) . Anyways, I was wonderin if y'all would be up for having an initial meeting this coming week. I went in to speak to RM's GSA this past Friday and they seem to be interested in planning some activities for next year we might be able to assist them with (such as a dance!). In any case, I figured it'd be good to get together and brainstorm some things we could do as a group and basically decide where we want things to go. I was thinking we could do Tuesday or Wednesday evening or next Saturday June 3 during the day. Any preferred locations? I was thinking of the Starbuck's right near RM on the pike...but I'm open to whatever suggestions y'all have. Anyways, email me back or call me [phone number removed. Comment for details.] or im me ([AIM sn removed. Comment for details.]) ASAP letting me know your availability. I look forward to seein you guys next week so we can get our gay on (I think I just invented that phrase...I'm tired)! Peace
-Matt :)

P.S.- please spread the message to RM alumni friends! All are welcome to join us!

"So we can get our gay on". Ick... wtf.

:: sighs:: And he left out Megan again. Mmm, might not be his fault; don't recall if I told him to contact Megan or not.

(wasn't it TAFU? o.O "GSA".....)

On a completely unrelated note, marbenais, have you seen the link to chapter 4 yet? =>.<= dduane said, "the link to Chapter Four will be on the Chapter Three link page," but I've checked both public and subscriber gateway link pages, as well as the project schedule page. And I'm pretty sure Safari isn't being stupid and caching the page.. 'cause it's been a day+ now. And I don't want to send her another e-mail (sent one two or three days before she sent out the e-mail for chapter four).
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