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Life, the past few days...

Let's see. My last significant post was May 24th, more or less... So starting from the most recent events

So I have my LiveJournal mentor now: whitaker. I should probably friend him here, although chances are, most of our communication will be done over e-mail. I'm still trying to decide if I want to branch off a new journal for the project.

Copying and pasting from the LiveJournal Summer of Code project idea page:
LiveJournal Style Upload
Create a system to upload a style/theme as a zip file of template files/CSS/images/etc, and then convert/compile that into S2. Support MT/Blogger/Wordpress/Smarty templates? Something that's easy for users to open up (the zip), edit, and re-upload. Involves defining archive format, and implementing server-side code to parse and recompile to native formats.

Which, by the way, if you design layouts (xella and selphish, you two come to mind), what would you like to see supported? It's still in the design stages right now - I'm still looking at various styles/themes/layouts and trying to figure out what we'll need to support.

I was originally just thinking it'd only be template files, but my mentor tells me that images may be included... possibly... and hosted "somewhere in lj-land".

Saw my final grades. Was not happy. 'nuff said. I'll moan and cry about it later. Let's just say it was the lowest semester GPA I've ever gotten. Don't...really know how that happened. XP

Went hiking yesterday morning on the Billy Goat Trail, with Ting and Tara. 'cept we did it backwards. Still, wasn't too bad. We were done with the trail in about 1.5 hours, and I got pictures of a lizard, and some other things. Saw a total of 7+ lizards, three toads, two... cranes? o.O whatever it is that we have here in Maryland. Also saw a few turtles.

Then, met up with Matt and some other people... (Christine and Elaine was it? I don't remember... ^^;;;;) to talk about RM's GSA, and setting up a network of RM graduates or resources for (RM only?) kids that could use them. Dunno, it took us a hour and a half.. but there were a number of ideas. I still don't think I'll be all that active... but was assigned 'melly and Megan as people to drag in. :: shrugs::

Monday... there was some shopping, some assorted parental arguing were involved at some point, and it wasn't pretty. Am looking into getting a bike here, so I can bike to, say, the potomac library, which isn't too far away. 3-5 minutes by car, methinks? It'll also grant me access to the nearby Safeway. Plus, it'll save on gas.

Let's see... Belinda's "debut" recital was sunday. That was fun, although chaotic. ^^;; I had no clue where to put the chairs for the violinist and cello when it came time for the trio performances (well, not exactly. I knew they were supposed to face forwards, although.. not much more than that. There was no full run-thru... so.. bah). Saw lots of old faces (Albert, Chris (err, Do-do), Rebecca, Ivan...)

I've learned how to combine two mini-DVDs into a larger DVD. And print/design the DVD labels. Those things are sweet.. it looks almost professional~ =^^=v

Saturday was... generally just preparation for the recital.

Friday was X-men III with Lily, Ting, Tara, 'melly, Paloma (probably spelled wrong again. hum.)

Plans for the next few days / week / what give you:
1. LiveJournal / Google Summer of Code (tag and abbreviation from now on: SOC2006):
-- Do necessary research on the format of the templates. Figure out what the archive will have in it, and how things will be arranged. Mood themes? Templates? CSS files? HTML files with extra MT/whatnot template tags? A perl parser already written to handle the template tags? A perl parser to handle HTML? Something to handle the images?
-- Play around with Archive::Zip to see what it can and can not handle.
-- Get reoriented with S2.

2. Fall semester:
-- Start studying for ECE329. >.> I would like to get straight A's next semester to counter my crappy GPA. :: sighs::

3. Ouqi's business thing:
-- She still hasn't gotten back to me yet. And I may be busy enough to not nag at her for a while longer. But yeah, otherwise, I would like to get started on that.

4. J-Net website:
-- Read over meiko's code, figure out _how_ he got things to work when I couldn't.
-- Put in content, put online.

5. Housework:
-- Clean the deck for mom's upcoming student recital.
-- Mow the lawn AGAIN? o.O Damnit, grass grow too fast. I need a goat.
-- Clean out the garage.
-- Set up bird-feeders, and... decide if I really want to bother trying to keep squirrels away.

6. Assorted time-killers...
-- Watch movies. Mostly the ones that have come in recently by NetFlix, and had to be ripped so I could watch them later but return them first...... my hard drives are running out of room ^^;;; (as usual.)
-- Finish Sailor Moon: Another Story. :: blames Karen-senpai for making him start~ not like he minds too much. :: Wasn't a terrible RPG, although I don't think it can beat Chrono Trigger... too bad I don't really have the patience to replay Chrono Trigger... ^^;;;
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