Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Owie, my hand won't stop shaking...

Deck is now 1/3 of the way powerwashed. Took me... mm... 2 hours? ^^;; I think I'm going too slowly. But the new 1800 psi electric power washer thingie is nice. It's only noisy when you're actually using it. And it means I can't run out of gas and have to refill it and what not.

Sure, it's slightly less powerful than the old 2300 psi gas-based one, but meh, I don't need that much power anyways.

Now to unplug and shove it into a corner so it doesn't get rained on, eat lunch, shower, and figure out how to get to Jai's house.

LJ-G SOC2006:
looking at MT templates. Need to download MT::Template and see how I can use that to my advantage.

Should be able to upload not only layouts, but also mood themes, mayhaps? Mood themes wouldn't be too bad, although I don't know if I'll still have to go through the console. Layouts... I think we may end up breaking it up into separate pages, one for recent entries, one for single pages, one for calendar... one for friends... anything else I'm missing?

I really ought to make a separate journal for this.
Tags: housework, life, soc2006

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