Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Hahaha, iPod wins over Beer.

Just picked up my first Woot. =^^=v a Rio Forge 128 MB (SD expandable) MP3 player for $25. Add $20 for a 1 GB SD card, or several SD cards, and I think I'll be good to go for a while. 20 hour play time promised, on a few AAA batteries, I think it was. Should be good to last me a while.

(Had done research on it - was one of the top expandable MP3 players I came across. Things tend to pale once people start comparing it to the iPod, but meh, good enough for me. Just need it to get here before the 19th.)

The Register reports that American losers students prefer iPod to beer.

...About three quarters of the 1,200 quizzed for the Student Monitor poll said Apple's ubiquitous anti-social gadget was "in", beating drinking dangerous quantities of fermented barley into second place, AP reports. Last year, iPod polled well below the mighty ale, getting the thumbs-up from just 59 per cent.

Even sadder for beer lovers is the news that The Drink That Built Empires has been reduced to sharing the spoils for second place with tiresome social networking site

Hahahaha, facebook.

Oh, yeah, and they also note:
The only other time beer has been dethroned in the Student Monitor survey's 18 years was in 1997, by something called "an internet", but the interregnum only lasted a year. Beer fans responded: "Yeah. So, like, whatever. And stuff." ®

hehe. So amused.

Vista Beta has been publicly released.

Not recommended unless you're masochistic.
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