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Home again.

so tired. Damn 5 hour bus rides. I don't want to do that again, in the near future.

Ouqi and Sophie's business idea isn't bad, I guess, but being the pessimistic one, I have doubts about them really being able to pull it off. I guess we would be able to earn a profit, just barely, if we get at least 1000 visitors who click on Google AdSense links or something though...... Well, that is, just counting the hosting costs. Either way, they're not paying me. But I get 30%. Or 10% of the company, depending on how I decide I want to do things. It'd be smarter to go with 30%, since profit is expected, eventually, and this way I get paid more, and faster, for the work I'll put in.

Ugh, gonna be one heck of a site to code though. It'll be the largest project I've taken on to date. I think I'll be able to do it, but there might be iffy bits here and there. Nothing impossible, from what I can tell... but... just... large.
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