Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

::whimpers:: My mind keeps saying that i've been bad and should be punished >.< my mental mistress. mef. and the seminar went badly (for me, at least).. time flew rather quickly, and my questions (not just the one that I asked) were all vague... and I didn't really follow the flow of the conversation at all... not good. ::sighs:: I hate bismarck. I don't understand/remember anything, and it's all very discombobulated.

more stuff due tomorrow, then a busy weekend. I'm going to insist on going to the party, regardless of how I do on the competition. Need to make sure I have Mark's address. 12408 Great Park Cir #104 Germantown 20876... right? someone check and tell me.

I need to go read Bismarck, make specific questions and think of things to say. I actually had stuff to say today, 'cept I was never sure if it'd be the right answer... and if that was actually what was being asked for. usually it was. ::sighs:: must speak more tomorrow... dismal grades.. if I get an A in physics, maybe I could have a 3.0 instead of less that a 3.0.

Darkness falls behind me, and death behind me,
I have forgotten the voice that spoke so gently inside me...

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