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Friday, July 18- random friends from Illinois arrive? May not be able to come to WST.
Saturday, July 19- no WST for neko, unless parents are ok with me running off and not taking care of company
Sunday, July 20- Illinois people go poof back to the the place they came from, dad leaves on business trip in the morning
Monday, July 21- At the moment, nothing. Someone arrange a get-together this week?!!
Tuesday, July 22- May not be able to go to WST as dad is gone and mom has piano students.
Wednesday, July 23- No WST, needed for random duet rehearsal.
Thursday, July 24- Sister has piano lessons, but WST may be able to fit around that... we'll see.
Friday, July 25- First show, yay. Will be able to go. Dad returns from trip late at night.
Saturday, July 26- Mom's recital, RSC (we will be picking up Lady?), and then Second show! Will be able to make this one as well, I think.
Sunday, July 27 -> Wednesday, July 30- nothing at the moment? Do we have rehearsals? I'm confused... My schedule doesn't usually look this blank...
Thursday, July 31- Brush-up. No problems with this yet.
Friday, August 1- Ah, fuck, August already? Third show! No problems yet..
Saturday, August 2- Fourth show! No problems...?
Sunday, August 3- Departure for Michigan@10 AM? Will miss fifth show.
Monday, August 4- Visit Univ. of Michigan, see old family friend?
Tuesday, August 5- Head to Illinois, may see old family friend?
Wednesday, August 6- Visit Univ. of Illinois. Depart for home?
Thursday, August 7- Midway stop at some random person's house?
Friday, August 8- Arrive home? Depends on random persons. Will miss sixth show.
Saturday, August 9- Hopefully back, and hopefully will have enough energy to get to the seventh and last show.
Sunday, August 10- And on the seventh day, Neko rested...
Monday, August 11- set strikez! Don't see any problems.
Tuesday, August 12- set strikez! Don't see any problems.

....And school starts some two (or is it one?) weeks later. Wow.
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